I decided to not post anymore. well, journals that is. icons sure.
I'll also be taking most of you off my friend list, sorry.
Please don't hate me~ :x
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Headers and icons~
Sorry for spamming today mah friendz, but I have a lot of time since I'm not at school. I'm posting these to two communities, sorry for spam. xD
If anyone has any requests just ask. :)

[1] Arashi
[1] NEWS

[1] Ninomiya Kazunari
[1] Ninomiya Kazunari & Sakurai Sho
[3] Matsumoto Jun
[1] Aiba Masaki
[1] Shigeaki Kato
[1] Masuda Takahisa
[2] Tegoshi Yuya
[2] Koyama Keiichiro
[2] Nishikido Ryo
[1] Domoto Koichi

Enjoy~ xD


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Instead of making icons, I made some ringtones. :}~ These are my first ringtones ever, so please don't be too hard on me. xD I'm thinking about whether I should post this on a community or not but eh, I'm scared. :c I'll upload more sometime later today. I have too much time on my hands.. xD They are all inbetween 30-45 seconds. Maybe theres one thats shorter.. can't remember. xD
Anyone have any song they want, just comment ne~ I'll go ahead and post this to news_jpop sooner or later. \(^_^)/

NEWS: Say Hello Cherish (Ryoji remix) Kimi Omofu Yoru Ai no Matador Kirameki no Kanata e High Ten

Yamapi/Live: Sawarenai

Tegomass: Chocolate Hajimete no Asa

Kanjani8: Osaka Obachan Rock

Arashi: Hadashi no Mirai Taiyou no Sekai

I don't think these have to be f-locked, so I'll leave them out. :3

Edit: Anyone who has one of the newer SE phones and can't make .mp3's their ringtones, comment which ones you want and I'll make them so they're usable on the phones. :)~
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